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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thank You Thursday

I just don't know where the time is going!! How is it that life speeds up as we get older...when we're slowing down?? Something's wrong with that, People!

Anyhoo--it's time for Thank You Thursday hosted by Our Imperfect Life.  Be sure to stop by Debra's blog, and join in on the fun!

My post will be short today, since I am battling with tendinitis in...of course!...my right arm. :-( Boo hoo! We finished school yesterday, and I am dying to get to my stamping...oh well. Maybe tomorrow!

Each Thursday, I have trouble deciding just what to say Thank You for...not because I can't think of anything, but because I think of too much! I have so much to be thankful for!

So, here goes...

Thank You to my mom and dad, who agreed to come spend two weeks with us while my dh is out of the country.

Thank You to my dear hs-ing friends that met us at the park. It is so nice to get out with other like-minded people.

Thank You to my friend Deb, who drove us to the park because I couldn't move my arm or turn my head (ouch!).

Thank You to my friend Cindy, who volunteered to help people that she doesn't even know just because they have a need. You are a wonderful example to us all!

Thank You to my wonderful family, who are being (literally!) my Right Arm while I battle through one-handedness. :-)

Thank You to God. I'm a so grateful that I have two healthy hands/arms that I can use 99.9% of the time! I'm so thankful that this a temporary condition!

Well, enough for now. I hope you all have a thankful week--that's always the best kind!


All photos are courtesy of photbucket.


Marie S said...

Oh, I hope you are getting better fast!
For thank you thursday, I am thankful for you and your sweet sweet heart!!
Love and hugs.

Dawn said...

Hope you mend very quickly! I just stopped in to say the same as Marie...I read your thankful Thursday's and always smile and am so glad there are people so special like you.
Hugz sweetie!

Debbi said...

Oh, you sweeties make me smile! Thanks so much!! :-)

Denise said...

What a awesome post to recognize all the people in your life you are thankful for! I hope tomorrow brings less pain for you, so you can hit the floor running :)

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