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Monday, April 5, 2010

Motivate Me Monday

Well, this is a very busy time of year for us, so I was tempted to say that my goal for this week was to actually get to my Motivate Me Monday post, LOL! 

Part of the reason I get so overloaded at times, though, is because I didn't used to set goals and work at meeting those goals. I was (and still am) so good at procrastinating! So, all joking aside, I am going to make time for my Motivate Me Monday post!! :-D

My goals for this week:

1) I need to keep exercising (FYI, I had to type that word three times before I spelled it correctly...excercizing, exersizing, exercising...) every day. My dh's Doctor told him that by exercising (there's that word again!) regularly he is significantly decreasing his risk of 13 different types of cancer. WOW! That's motivation.

Okay, so maybe my dh does run Marathons, but surely any type of exercise is better than none, right??

2) I need to make and send some cards to people that need a smile:

     A Praying for You card to my sister-in-law (her Dad passed away recently)
     A Praying for You card to my friend, Theresa. (She's in the hospital with Placenta Previa)
     A Thinking of You card to my Father-in-Law (I haven't written him in a while.)
     A Wedding Card to my niece (I just found out that she got married this week! Obviously, it was a last-minute decision, lol.)

3) I need to work on school stuff.

4) I need to read with my kiddos. LOVE to do that!

My blog buddy, Emily, over at Too Blessed to Stress has an awesome post about living for today (i.e., not procrastinating!) It was just what I needed for this week!

Happy goal-setting!



Dawn said...

I understand the whole motivation thing. If you stop in at my blog this morning I posted about not Cleaning my craft room so I could get projects done. I am hoping it will shame me. It has worked some because I did start cleaning today(mind you I am an organizer).
Now if I could get into the exercise also like my husband the healthiest person I know next to our athletic sons.
Thanks for the honest posting helps me feel more NORMAL!

Crystal said...

I am SO with you on the exercising ! This gorgeous Spring weather is actually helping me out a bit on that front. Debbi, love the pics of your beautiful family !

Marie S said...

Have a great week Debbi.
I like the changes you have made here.
Love and hugs.

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