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Monday, April 19, 2010

Motivate Me Monday--Updated on Saturday

Good Morning, Lovelies! It is Monday again...and you know what that means....

Yep, and it's going to be a quick one! I have been so busy with my goals for this past week, and I have lots of plans for this coming week so I need to type quickly. :-)

First, an update on this past week. God is so good to me! As I am trying to be more aware of the needs around me I have realized that not everyone is as blessed as I am (duh!). I truly have so much to be thankful for, and that is another good reason to try to do more to impact the lives around me.

I was going to list the ways that I was able to help others this past week, but it sounds so much like bragging, ya' know? Just be sure that I am working hard to impact the lives of those around me, and I have been really busy! :-) But I have also been so blessed.

God is so good to me.

Now for my goals. This week I hope to:
*Send thank you cards to two friends. (Will hopefully finish these today!)

*Make a meal for my friend that is in the hospital (well, actually, the meal is for her family, lol). (Did that yesterday!)

*Keep working on the wedding invitations that I'm making for my friend. (They are taking a long time!) (I finished them on Thursday!! YAY! Now I'm working on the matching Thank Yous...)

*Watch my friend's kids for the day. (Did that yesterday, also.)

*Make a teacher's gift for my dd's piano teacher. (Did that on Monday. I forgot to take pics of it, tho, boo hoo!)

*Help my dd clean her bedroom (believe me, this is a real labor of love, lol!) (Actually, she did it all by herself. Miracles never cease! LOL)

*Whatever else God shows me needs doing! :-) (Today's goal is to minister to my family. I've been so busy helping others that I've neglected a few things around the homefront--laundry, cleaning, etc.! Plus, we need to fit in some shopping. My dd really needs some new shoes...she's growing like a weed!)

It was really amazing to me that yesterday's message in church was about just how much God has blessed us with. We Americans have so much. And yet we are so often a selfish and demanding group of people (just ask a foreigner). I can't change anyone else, but I am praying that God will change me.

We all have to start somewhere.

Until next Monday, happy goal setting...and go be a blessing!


All photos are from photobucket, except for the two pics of cards (those were taken by yours truly).


kadie said...

Oh Debbi! I'm so glad you posted a comment on my blog and directed me here! What a beautiful blog and I just LOVE this post...I'll be back on Monday's for sure! Beautiful goals and I'm sure God will bless them!
Gorgeous wedding invites! WOW!

too Blessed to Stress said...

L.O.V.E. the cards!!!! youa are soooo sooooo sooooooo creative dearie! {here i go again with the "oooo" and "!!!" I hope they don't ever start charging per letter!}

love to you!

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

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