When God gives us something, there is always enough to share.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Motivate Me Monday

Confession time...

I didn't do so well with my goals for this past week.  

There, I said it.

Yes, I did exercise every day except one! And, yes, I did read with my kiddos! And, yes, I did work on school stuff.

But I didn't do the one thing that probably mattered the most (aside from spending time with my kiddos):

I didn't send one single card of encouragement. Not one. To anyone.

But, I refuse to wallow. I am going to try again. I. will. do. this.

So, here is my goal for this week:

                      I want to impact the lives of the people I know and love in a way that lifts their spirits, helps them along their journey, brings them closer to God.

Just one thing. Every day.

How can I do that?  Just wait and see...

Here is what I have already done with my today...(hee, hee, I'm living for today, Emily-friend!)

*Offered to babysit for the infant of new parents so that they can have a date night. I'm babysitting tonight! :-)
*Made a list of my craft supplies, so the local Christian School teachers can use my supplies for the crafts that they do with their students. (I'm bringing some paint to the K teacher today! Woo Hoo! This is fun!)
*Talked to a lady from Church about things needed for our Missionary Closet (a supply closet that our Missionaries can take from when they are home on furlough.) Will be working on putting together some things this week. (I plan to bring those things to church Wednesday night.)
*Baked for some local college students (they LOVE home-baked goodies!) DH will deliver the goodies tonight.

There are so many ways that I can impact the lives around me! (God, help me to be more aware.)

So what do you do to impact others? What are some of the ways that you volunteer your time or resources? I would love to hear your ideas! (Then maybe I can do them, too!)

When God gives us something, there is always enough to share. 

What do I have that God hasn't given me???

Hello! Nothin'. Natta'. Not. a. single. thing.

 Check back next Monday to see what else God allowed me to do for others. He is SOOOO good to me, don't ya' know? 

I'm off now to send some cards....really.

Happy goal-setting!



crush. blog said...

we love this idea - thanks for the inspiration!

too Blessed to Stress said...

wooo hooo for living for today! so glad you were inspired for this week and your goal is awesome! I hope that your heart will also be blessed as you use your awesome talents to bless others :)

PS wearing my necklace beauty again today! love it! {don't worry, I won't tell you every time I wear it... I'm just still so excited!}

Living for today with ya,
~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Denise @ kc242 said...

Wow Great Job this week! Such a blessing.

Crystal said...

Your sharing is like a devotional ... such a joy ! Hugs to you , Debbi !

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