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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank You Thursday

Thursday again! How'd that happen??

I'm hooking up with Our Imperfect Life's Thank You Thursday again.

This week, Bookworm is having a giveaway! Click here to read about it. She is giving away an autographed edition of the Tyler Florence cookbook! Awesome! The giveaway ends April 12.

So, here's my list for this week:

Thank You, to our wonderful weatherman who predicted snow (yes, snow!) and was actually right for a change.

Thank You, little birdie, for singing so loudly outside my window this morning. You were a much-needed reminder that our beautiful, warm weather will return...soon.

Thank You, Nancy, for the awesome blog candy that you are sending my way. I'm so excited!!  I hardly slept last night, and my kiddos are so tired of hearing me giggle with glee. Did I mention that I'm excited?

Thank You, dd's Piano Teacher, for your loving patience and persistent encouragement of my dd. You know--the one that practices only when forced, who forgets her piano books, and would rather talk with you than play her pieces? Somehow, you manage to help her perform beautifully when it really counts. You're awesome!

Thank You, dear dd for being a good friend to R.  I am so proud of you!

Thank You, to my kiddos for getting excited when I'm excited, for caring enough to look at (and even admire) my crafting, and for just being the special kiddos that you are! LUM!

Until next week...Stay Thankful!



Marie S said...

I love that you won Debbi. I would be giggling too!! Good for you!
Your kids are so cute.
Time flys when you are having fun and even when you are not. So you might as well have fun and enjoy the ride.
I love this post.
I am grateful for you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos, Debbi! The kids looks so adorable all dressed up.

Congrats on winning! What a great stash.

Thank you for always participating! You are a sweetie!

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