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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank You Thursday

Here's my Thank You Thursday for this week. If you don't know what all the fuss is about, check out Thank You Thursday over at Our Imperfect Life.

Thank You, Jesus Christ, for dying on the cross to take the penalty for my sins. How can I ever thank you enough?

Thank You, God, for turning Your back on Your Son as He "became sin Who knew no sin", so that You would never have to turn Your back on me.

Thank You, Jesus Christ, that You rose again!! Thank You that we can celebrate your Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Thank You that we "Serve a Risen Savior"!!

Thank You, God, for our health. You allowed us to help out a friend in need this week, Lord, and it was a vivid reminder of the gift of life and health.

Thank You, God, for Your healing hand on Theresa and her dear baby. May they continue to stay safe!

Thank You, God, for the glorious sunshine and warm weather! What a wonderful thing to be outside in the sunshine and warmth. YAY!

Thank You to all my wonderful blogging buddies. :-D I pray you will have a wonderful Easter!!

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