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Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is he...a Duck??!?

Today we had a great time in the rain! 

We danced...
and caught raindrops...
and danced some more...
We ran...and jumped...
Hey, Mom, I'm all wet!
"Try wearing a rain coat!!"
Much better!
Look, says ds, you're whales and I'm a fish!

"You're not a fish, you're a duck...no a GOOSE!" says dd.
"I'm not a goose...YOU'RE a goose!" says ds.


maddy hill said...

great to see kids enjoying the rain ! my girls had raincoats that had a peek on the hood - a yellow one - they look like little ducks !

fun photos !
maddy x

KymKreates said...

what fun, these moments will be remembered always!

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