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Monday, March 15, 2010

Motivate Me Monday-Updated 3/22

Good Morning!

I am working on goals for my HOME this week. We have company coming this weekend, so that is where my emphasis will be for this week.

My motivation:  "She watches over the ways of her household., and does not eat the bread of idleness." Proverbs 31:27

My goals:
Clean the kids' bedrooms by Friday. Done

Clean my bedroom by Friday. Not done. :-(

Plan and prepare a craft for the kids to do on Friday. Done

Maintain a clean home all week. Did it!

Deep clean the kitchen and livingroom by Friday. Done!

Deep clean the Family Room today. Done. YAY!

So there are my goals! Check back here next Monday for updates to see how I did.

I decided not to hook up Mr. Linky until I know that someone else is interested in joining in. (duh!) :-) So, if you want to join my Motivate Me Mondays, and set goals for yourself, please leave a comment. 

Thanks! And have a great week!!



Melly said...

Good luck huni with your goals! I set myself them last week after coming back from my wee birthday get away but alas i didnt keep to them, my excuse is an terribel eye infection but maybe i was still having birthday celebrations hee!!
Take care and good luck
melly xxx

DeeDee said...

Hi debbie

I need some of your goals too....I have so much to get done...good luck on your weekly endeavors

Marie S said...

Good luck with your goals Debbi! I have to wait till I have more than 5 minutes to get something done, I think. Or Madi is a little older.

Thank you Debbi for Madi's bithday wishes, I think Madi is gorgeous. But Grammas are sooooooooooo biased.
You are right, she does make our lives right and give me so much perspective. It is all about love and caring for someone. It is priceless.
Have a great week with your diamonds!

Jessica T said...

Hope you achived all your goals? I get distracted too easily.. like right now lol i should probably be vacuuming not blogging lol... ok I'll switch it off and get going on the housework, my blog will still be here this afternoon i guess lol. thanks for the motivation xx

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