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Friday, February 19, 2010

One World One Heart -- We won!

I am finally getting around to posting about what Emilie and I won during the One World One Heart (see our earlier post to find out about this wonderful event).

First, I must tell you about what a wonderful experience it was! We both enjoyed blog-hopping through so many different kinds of blogs from so many different people (over 1,000!), We enjoyed seeing the diversity of what each person made or was giving as a prize, and we were amazed at how many different countries were involved! It really was a wonderful experience!

Emilie said she enjoyed the comments on our blog more than anything else. It is always fun to have someone say something nice about you, isn't it? :-)

So, what did we win? First, Emilie won a beautiful beaded key chain from Mana Moon Studios:
 She also won a journal from Nicole. She was SO excited!

I was pleased to hear that I won a print of an artist's painting from Miri's husband (I chose this one:)

I also won a brooch made to my specifications from Marie, who is becoming a dear friend! She has just lost her dear Mother in Law (so sad), but she is so sweet to want to keep on with making her prize for me! She does amazing things with Polymer clay!  You have to check out her beautiful work here.

The kids and I were VERY excited to learn that I won the children's book that my children MOST wanted to win! How fun! Check out the book here. We received the book today, and all of my children just LOVED it!

I am really glad that we took part in this wonderful event, and hope that we are able to join in next year again. Now that we know it exists, we will have more time to prepare for it! I'm already thinking about what to give away next year...

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