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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Running From The Cops...???

Note: This is my second post for today. Please scroll down to read my first post. Thanks! :-)

No, I haven't turned to a life of crime, lol!

Actually "Run From the Cops" is the name of the race that my dh and our oldest dd ran this past Saturday. It was a race to raise money for the victims of and awareness about Domestic Violence.

                                                        There was a 1-mile run for the kids.
                                               This was my dd's very first race! She finished 16th overall for
                                               the kids, and (more importantly) had a lot of fun!

                          My dh ran the 5K for the adults. Yes, he's the one making a face at me! :-)

My dh placed third in his age division, and 11th overall (out of 262 runners). He mainly ran because our dd was running, but it was also a good "warm-up" for this Saturday's Marathon!

It was a really fun way to begin our Saturday, and we are thrilled that it was for such a good cause.

                                      It also made for some great Daddy-Daughter bonding time. :-)

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