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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Gifts From God

When I am thinking about what is good in my life, it is always easy to recount the obvious...

                                                 My children

                      My wonderful husband who is an awesome dad!

Our home, my husband's job, being able to stay home with my children, the privilege of homeschooling, and of course our AWESOME God...and so much more!

But, once in a while, I remember to stop to enjoy the "little gifts"...the things that I so often miss.

Such as this:

or these...

or even this...

When I take a moment to notice the "little gifts" from God, I realize that they aren't so little after all.

"All nature declares the handiwork of God..."


Anonymous said...

great pics!
Michelle W

joey said...

Hi Debbi,

lovely pics, thanks for entering my candy, good luck


Mandy said...

Beautiful photos Debbi
hugs Mandy xx

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