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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crocheting Again

If you read THIS post, you know that I recently revived an old skill...crocheting. Years ago I enjoyed crocheting baby blankets, but I had never tried anything else before making this headband in December:

Well, it was fun! So I decided to try to make a hat:

 This was my first hat.
I don't have any tiny heads to show off my hats. :-)

Well, one thing led to another...and in about a week I had made all of these (plus a few more that I forgot to take pics of...oops!):

I only know about three basic crochet stitches (really!) and I don't own any patterns, so I raided the library and an on-line site for free crochet patterns.

       This is a little pouch/purse that I made (without a pattern) for my dd's bff.
The blue pocket on the front is to hold her I-Pod.

I have since made hats for each of my children, a hat/scarf set for my mom, and two boy baby hats. You might say I'm hooked, lol.

Happy Thursday!



Stephanie said...

I've always wanted to learn how to crochet & by the looks of it you're a bit of an expert Debbie! Wonderful hats & cute models lol :) x

Karen said...

Hi, Debbi, Thanks for following my blog, I LOVE yours, You are so talented, I love your cards, and your chrochet, reminds me of my grandmother. She passed away a couple of years ago at 91, and there isn't one day that went by that I didn't see her crocheting, Thank you for that memory. I just became a follower on your blog, and can't wait to see more of your beautiful blog Good luck on my blog candy!! Yjamks again, Karen

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