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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cricut Cake Giveaway

My sweet friend, Mistyrose, is giving away two slightly-used Cricut Cakes to TWO winners, and you can go HERE to enter for a chance to win!

The candy ends April 15, when Mistyrose will pick TWO winners using Random Generator. Since April 15 is Tax Day, winning would certainly put a bright spot in an otherwise dreary day, right?? LOL

NOTE: This giveaway is open to U.S. only. 


1 comment:

Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

Hey Debbi,

Glad to see your back :0) Thank you posting this for me. I am really not trying to get followers for this one :0( I will be giving all of my PC machines away :0( I decided to make a stand and boycott PC. It was a hard choice because I love my E {Crying} but with all the new things I learned, I couldn't stand by them any longer. I hope that PC will fix the problems. I would love to keep my E machine.

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