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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bad Blogger! Bad, BAD Blogger!!

Okay, I know, I know that I am up for the Bad, Bad, VERY Bad Blogger Award! I know I've been MIA for several days (*gasp*)! But I'm back, so won't you please give me another chance??

All joking aside, I am sorry to be away from you wonderful blog friends for so long, but I have a great reason--

MY HUSBAND IS HOME!!! (*cheers! cries of delight! BIG SMILES!*)

DH came home on Memorial Day, and we drove to Chicago to surprise him at the airport (he was planning to take the School Van home with the students). I am SO glad that we did, too, because a) it was great fun to surprise him (although I was quite emotional in the airport, lol!), and b) the school van went home a different way and got stuck in traffic. We would have been waiting for them for an extra two hours!! I think I would have died...

Well, enough blubbering, lol, because I have LOTS to catch up on! I have been busy while dh was gone--my parents and I remodeled our laundry room. I will have some pics later, but dh had my camera and my dd took pics on her camera (which is currently in her bedroom where she is sleeping, lol). So I'll have to post about that later!

I do have some pics from Ireland:

Here's DH. Isn't he handsome!! <3
So gorgeous! Yes, he is already talking about taking a group of students again next year...but NOT without me! :-)

When we arrived home from the airport, there was a HUGE welcome back message in chalk on our driveway! (Our neighbors claimed it was elves, lol).

Not a very great picture, but my dd took it and it was dark! :-) We got quite a chuckle, though, because it must have taken our sweet neighbors a long time to write.

DH brought us all back some wonderful gifts. He brought me a gorgeous necklace (what a great man!) and some awesome Irish chocolate (I'm a certified, 100% chocoholic!). He brought a necklace for our oldest dd, too, and a beautiful Irish doll for our younger dd. He brought a rugby jersey for ds:

Yes, that is a deflated rugby ball on his head, lol! DS didn't take his shirt off for two days! I finally got him to take it off so I could wash it (pew! Oops, I mean phew!).

Since DH is a teacher, he is home almost all of the time now (hence, the long absence from my blog!), so we have been really enjoying a lot of family time. SOOOO wonderful!

DH has made pancakes for us several times:

The girls got Mickey pancakes. :-)

Of course, ds wanted a snake! :-)

We have done lots of gardening (okay, I helped water...and amazingly the plants haven't died yet!), gone for walks, spent wonderful evenings visiting with friends, and just enjoyed being together.

I even found time to make some cards!

 A birthday card for my brother-in-law. 

A Father's Day card for my Father-in-law. Here's the inside:

Oops! Sorry it's sideways, lol. I used my new Verve set, Father Figure, that I won from Jodie (thanks, Jodie!) I really LOVE this set!

This one is for my Dad for Father's Day.

Nope, you can't see dh's yet. :-) 

Well, that's about it for now. I hope I will be a little more faithful in blogging, but summers are always Uper B.U.S.Y. for us. We will be gone for a couple of weeks this month (our first family vacation with "just us"...ever!) I will definitely post when we get back...

So please don't abandon me, my dear friends. I will be much more faithful once Fall routine hits, but I will probably be more sporadic until then. 

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful morning like we have here...sun shining, birds singing, perfect temperature...God is SO good to us!

 Did I mention that my dh is home?? (lol)



Jen said...

beautiful pics! following. come visit sometime...I've got six rugrats

Michelle W said...

Great pics and cards :) Enjoy ur family!!! Glad ur DH is back ;)

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

wow, what gorgeous photos!

enjoy *~*

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