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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't Forget!

I am sitting here in my pj's thinking of the long list of things that I need to accomplish in the next 2 weeks...(did you notice the word "sitting"?!) There's the Play (DH and all 3 DKs are in the local college production of A Christmas Carol), several Christmas "events" at church, school, etc., all the baking, company coming (tomorrow!), presents to make/buy/wrap, another play that my dd is in, packing for our trip...YIPES! A girl could get a little stressed, know what I mean???

Several times a day for the past two weeks, I have told myself, "don't forget..." and I would hurry to write it down...QUICK! But this past Sunday, as I sat in our Adult Sunday School class, I was reminded of the One thing that I had forgotten...the most important thing...the most important Person. In all of the hustle and bustle, I had not made any deliberate attempt to remember the Reason for the Season: Jesus Christ. And so, with no deliberate plan to remember, I was forgetting!

Forgetting that Christ came as a baby, took on the form of man, gave up His right to be equal with God the Father, gave up the fellowship with God and the worship of the angels...Why? To save ME and YOU.

As I listened to our teacher list the things that Christ had to borrow here on earth...borrowed manger, borrowed donkey, borrowed cross, borrowed tomb...the realization that Christ, the King of Glory (!) chose to borrow anything overwhelmed me with gratitude! The fact that He chose to give up His right to be equal with God--give it up as if it was not something to hold on to (Phil 3)--I thought of all of the things that I "hold on to", the worthless, temperal things that are so important to me. I'm so sorry, Jesus! Forgive me, please!

So, I am writing something new on my to-do list (at the top!)...REMEMBER! Remember to remember Christ, and what Christmas is really all about. And if I don't get to the Christmas cards, or a few presents don't get wrapped, or even if I miss one of those "all-important" Christmas events, I will still have fulfilled my greatest Christmas wish..."Don't Forget!"

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